4 Places To Meet Wildlife In Winnipeg


Ever wondered what it would be like to witness an exotic wild animal existing in its own natural habitat? With its plentiful range of wildlife that includes polar bears, bison, deer, and a wide assortment of bird species, Winnipeg, Canada – the largest city in the Manitoba Province – is a great destination for your next wildlife adventure. Check out four interesting spots where visitors can experience many of the exciting creatures that inhabit Winnipeg, and its surrounding areas.

Assiniboine Forest and Park

Assiniboine Forest and Park, a popular birding spot and home of the Winnipeg Zoo, is a top attraction in the city that you surely won’t want to miss. You can check out a variety of wild birds, explore the zoo’s bug exhibit, and check out the zoo’s featured animal of the month in person. The zoo offers over 80 acres to explore and gives visitors an opportunity to experience over 200 animal species from all over the world.

Polar Bear Tours

Natural Habitat Adventures offers small-group tours that bring visitors directly into a polar bear’s world. They offer a choice between a six or seven-day, expansive trip that begins in Winnipeg and journeys up to Churchill, near the edge of the Hudson Bay. Visitors will have a chance to explore the historic Churchill before heading out onto the tundra in a custom-built Polar Rover to explore deep within their natural habitat. A chance to view the northern lights is also an option, along with a dog sled ride later during the expedition.

Birding and Wildlife Viewing

The Manitoba Province is located within three migration corridors where over 390 bird species have been recorded and 287 are known to nest – including Manitoba’s provincial bird, the illustrious Great Gray Owl. Birding is generally accessible via available boardwalks and viewing mounds to assist in a successful outing. Additionally, Manitoba is home to various other wildlife including black bears, beavers, beluga whales, moose, and elk that can be viewed along many of the extensive hiking trails.

FortWhyte Alive

Along Winnipeg’s southwestern edge is FortWhyte Alive. It features 640 acres of reclaimed grasslands, woodlands, and lakes. White-tailed deer, Canada geese, wood ducks, and least flycatchers are visible here, along with a viewing mound where you can see a captive bison herd. Floating boardwalks allow visitors to get right up close to waterfowl. During migration season, FortWhyte offers the Birding and Breakfast program as a way for birding beginners to join seasoned guides on their experience.

Plan Your Adventure

As the worldly traveler who finds thrills in the wonders of nature and its various forms of wildlife, Winnipeg is the perfect destination. Whether you’re a courageous adventurer eager to brave the harsh conditions of the frigid tundra to experience some of the world’s most elusive creatures, or interested in tamer forms of adventure that follow along lush forest pathways and parks, be sure to book a hotel nearby so you don’t miss out on any of the attractions. Winnipeg offers something for every animal-loving traveler to enjoy.