5 Tips To Remember Before Your Next RV Trip


Road trip. What better way to enjoy a vacation than to travel to beautiful places while spending less? As hyped as you are to just hop in and drive your way to the road trip of your dreams though, hit your breaks for a moment and take a quick look at how prepared you are.

Plan Ahead

Sure impulsive trips are fun, but they sure are way costlier than most planned holidays, and not to mention unprecedented events tend to occur more often. So, plan out your desired route beforehand, taking into consideration the things you want to do, the places you want to visit and of course, your budget. Choose routes with the least toll fees and more eye-catching sceneries. Check the potential weather changes at your destination as well before the set date of your trip.

Stock Up

It’s all fun until supplies run out. So make sure to have an ample amount of food for your trip. Keep in mind that you’ll be driving long distances and the next department store might be hard to come by. Additionally, do not underestimate your appetite. Packing a few extra days worth of food is always the best choice. Just take note that RV fridges do not have the same capacity as your regular fridge, so bring with you supplies that won’t spoil easily; that way nothing would go to waste by the end of your journey.

Don’t Be a Pack Rat

Although you need to pack what is essential, you don’t need your whole house for the whole trip. Yes, something might come in handy but that doesn’t mean it is necessary. To make things easier, create a checklist of the things you would want to bring along with you. Then categorize your list according to how essential items are and cross out the things that you can survive without. You might not know it but RVs have weight limits too. Keep your load light.

Tune Up

Check the condition of the vehicle you will be using, whether you own it or it’s an RV rental. Get used to handling your ride as you will be driving around with it for the next few days. To quickly remember what you have to do, keep in mind the word FACT. Fill in the tank, Air up the tires, Check the break, and Test the lights; F-A-C-T.   If you want, you can always go for a test drive before going on the actual trip.

Be Your Own Handyman

Each road trip has their share of troubles, so be prepared. It can be a flat tire, a faulty engine or a malfunctioning rig. Worry not. As long as you have with you your tools and some spare parts, then the solution to your problem is right in front of you. See what’s wrong and assess it; once you’ve come up with a solution, then go ahead and implement it. If being your own handyman isn’t really possible, have your mechanic or the RV rental company on speed dial so you can contact them right away in case something goes wrong.

By taking note of all these tips and by taking your preparations seriously, a wonderful RV holiday is yours to enjoy. Be safe and have the best time of your life.