Beaches In Portugal – Finding A Secluded Spot


Finding a secluded spot on the beaches of Portugal is not as easy as it once was. The boom in tourism in Portugal since 1960 has made the coast of Portugal a tourism hot spot for most people in Britain and many Europeans due to the location, low costs, and huge growth of accommodations and hotels.

The variety of cuisine, the many attractions, and the water sports available in the area most of the year has also added to the attraction of Portugal as a holiday spot and especially the south of Portugal.

Portugal is full of romance you don’t even have to look very hard

Planning and enjoying a holiday that includes a secluded and romantic beach in Portugal is not as difficult as one might imagine. A large number of accommodations have been developed that include a kitchenette. These include rooms for one or two up to a house that can sleep six or more. You save money by eating in most of the time so you have more money for shopping and enjoying the attractions.

Finding the best hotels in Portugal regardless of your budget

Cheap Beach Holidays ( is your first source for finding an inexpensive hotel or motel in Portugal that affords you access to secluded and out of the way beaches. The company has made their name by finding the lowest priced rooms with a kitchen in Portugal and all over the world.

If small private beaches what you’re looking for, Portugal has plenty

What you are looking for is a small beach. Smaller beaches get less tourist traffic and provide you with more privacy. The southern coast of Portugal has a huge variety of small beaches that fit anyone’s taste. If you love sand you can find it. If your preference is a rocky seascape there are plenty of small beaches that are perfect for you.

Choose the right time of year and you’ll see less tourists packing Portugal’s beaches out

One of the best ideas about finding a great secluded beach in Portugal is picking the right time of year to go on holiday. Spring and autumn usually have less tourist traffic so that even some of the more popular beaches that have the most attractions are basically tourist free most of the week.

A few of the most recommended secluded beaches in Portugal include Praia do Beliche, Carvoeiro Praia da Dona Ana, Praia do Paraiso, Praia da Senhora da Rocha, Praia do Carvalho, and Praia da Marinha. All of these intimate beaches are located in the southern part of Portugal called the Algarve and most are within walking distance of the town of Lagos.

If you’re prepared to walk a little there are some really stunning beaches in Portugal away from the masses

You need to be prepared to do a little walking, rent a bike, or even rent a horse to get from the cliffs to the beach but the effort is more than worth the view, the privacy, and the chance to have a private beach to yourself to enjoy a romantic interlude.

Great secluded beaches are available in Portugal. You need to consider the time of year you plan to go, the area where you want to stay, and the price you want to pay for a room so you have more money to have fun with.