Explore these top beaches in Hong Kong if you are a water lover

beaches in Hong Kong

Officially known as the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China, Hong Kong is a metropolitan region. The city is known for its brilliant collection of skyscrapers. People also know Hong Kong for hosting a mega gala for luxury shopping. From electronic gadgets to the latest design of clothing, you can find it all in Hong Kong. Apart from portraying its elaborate urban side, this metro also displays another picture to the tourists. That picture includes lush green forests, scattered islands and innumerable pristine beaches. The beaches of Hong Kong are not as celebrated as their skyline. But these beaches add sheer glamour and a supreme charm to Hong Kong.

Travelling to beach destinations has been my passion. From childhood, I have been to many foreign locations centred on islands and beaches. Since Hong Kong is considered to be an extreme urban settlement, I didn’t know how much more this place had to offer. I was reading a blog about Hong Kong one day and then I came to know that this place is a land of contrasts that houses many beaches that are unheard of. Although the skyline is the most talked about in the city, I wanted to explore its beaches. So, without wasting any more time, I booked international flight tickets for myself and my parents from Intermiles and made plans for visiting Hong Kong. Since we checked into the hotel quite late after reach, we made our plan of visiting the popular coastlines and the hidden shorelines of Hong Kong from the next day. 

Visited the popular Shek O Beach

Panoramic view of Shek O Beach

After having breakfast at the hotel, we took a taxi ride for 25 minutes to reach the famous Shek O Beach, also known as the most popular beach in Hong Kong. Due to its laid-back village vibe, this beach makes itself one of the ideal weekend getaways from the heavily urban space of Hong Kong. I found the waves at this beach quite peaceful and smaller compared to the other beaches. Hence, I spent quality time unwinding here. This serene beach also has changing rooms, showers and barbeque pits that encourage people to organise exotic beach parties on the spot. Since we arrived in the morning, we spend most of our time soaking in the sun rays and admiring the beauty. We also witnessed the gorgeous view of the lake from the Shek O Lovers’ Bridge.

Enjoyed playing with the raging waves at Big Wave Bay

The diagonal view of Big Wave Bay

Tucked in the north of Shek O Beach, in the Southern District of Hong Kong is another famous beach named the Big Wave Bay. This was our next destination as we heard about this place a lot from our relatives. True to its name, the waves on this beach are quite high and therefore, are a perfect hotspot for professional and amateur surfers. Since I didn’t know how to surf, I just sat by the beach and got myself drenched by the raging waves. If you are travelling with kids, make sure you have a tight grip as the waves here can get ferocious. You can also hike up to the Dragon’s Back to explore the panoramic views surrounding the beach.

Admired the beauty of Repulse Bay Beach and shopped at its nearby mall

Serene view of Repulse Bay Beach

The next on our list was Repulse Bay Beach. Repulse Bay Beach is located in the upscale residential area of Hong Kong. Although we came here to immerse ourselves in the breathtaking view of the beach, we were quite impressed with the shopping places that this beach offered. Yes, you heard me right! Repulse Bay Beach also features many shopping places. From flip-flops to trendy swimwear, you can get it all from the Repulse Bay Beach shops. We got ourselves some trendy dresses at the beach-front Pulse Mall and also had our lunch at one of the popular sea-facing restaurants located near the beach. 

Went for a boat ride at Sheung Sze Wan Beach

Top view of Sheung Sze Wan Beach boat ride

After savouring a wholesome lunch, our next lookout was Sheung Sze Wan Beach. Hong Kong has its unique share of beaches that can leave any person amazed. Sheung Sze Wan Beach is one such beach. With its Instagram favourite Green Egg Island, this beach is noted as the best place for kayaking and surfing. As an adventure monger and a beach lover, I have always loved indulging in water activities. Thus, I rented gear from the beach shack and paddled across the UNESCO-declared Geopark. If you are not into water activities, you can also take guided tours to Sharp Island and Buff Island. You can further enjoy scrumptious seafood at the nearby restaurants after your beach therapy.

Since there was a huge line for the watersport activity, it was evening by the time we were done visiting this place. So, we had our dinner from our hotel and called off our journey to Hongkong.

Honestly, it was a fun-packed day and we were quite satisfied by the end of the sojourn. Therefore, I suggest you visit the Hongkong beaches once in a lifetime and I am sure, you won’t regret the sojourn just like we didn’t.