How To Plan A Driving Holiday


A driving holiday is a great alternative to regular holiday trips that require getting on a plane and travelling for hours sitting in a cramped seat. If you hate travelling by plane and the hassle of delayed or cancelled flights, driving towards your destination could be an adventure in itself. A driving holiday requires only your car, some gas and a little bit of planning.

You can plan a driving holiday to ensure that you get to see great sights and have a great time. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Have your car checked prior to the driving holiday – You may be following the regular maintenance on your car but it is still recommended to get a mechanic to check it before you embark on your journey. This ensures that it will run smoothly and that you will not encounter any surprises on the road.
  • Ensure that you have your safety devices in the car – In the event of an emergency, you will need to use these safety devices. Make sure that you pack a flare, spare tire, jack, at least 1 gallon of fuel, reflectorized emergency road sign, jumper cables and the number of the towing assistance.
  • Watch the road signs carefully – Some areas use road signs that are marked directly on the road while other signs are posted on the side walk. Road signs marked directly on the road, like those road markings made by Ennis-Flint, are very visible and are easy to see and read. They can help you out if you are having trouble finding the road signs on the side of the road.
  • Map out your route – Planning the route you want to take ensures that you get to visit as many places as your schedule allows. If you are planning a long drive from one state to another, check out the local tourism website and find out where in the map these places are. Mark them on your map so that you won’t miss it. Mapping out your route will also ensure that you know where the next pit stop areas are so that you won’t get lost.
  • Create a great driving holiday playlist – Include songs that are upbeat but not too loud. Don’t make it too relaxing or your designated driver might fall asleep. Include favorites of each family member so that they will enjoy the tunes as much as you would.
  • Pack some food – If you anticipate a long drive without any pit stop for miles around bring food with you. Pack them in reusable containers to avoid littering and use covered tumblers so that drinks won’t spill as you drive.

Charge your phone, GPS, tablet and any electronic device that can help you navigate to your destination – If you prefer gadgets over traditional maps to get you to your destination make sure that your gadgets are completely charged. These electronic devices will help you get to your destination safely. Although there are things like car chargers, you’ll never know when your car battery will run out or similar incidents.