How To Showcase The Excitement Of Your Latest Adventure On Video


With the tools available today, pretty much anyone with a smartphone and decent video editing software can easily come up with a travel video. All that they really need to do is record the relevant parts of their trip and them combine it all together with the help of their video editor.

However what you may have noticed is that doing so doesn’t necessarily really showcase the excitement of the adventure and you end up with just a collection of scenes that don’t really reflect the emotions of those moments.

Properly showcasing feelings such as excitement, or conveying the adrenaline rush of the scene, is not easy. In fact, it is something that even professionals take great pains to accomplish.

That being said, even for a beginner it is possible, but you’ll need a video creator that is capable of doing things like adding a soundtrack for your background music, performing basic video editing such as cutting and combining, as well as allowing you to add special effects and transitions.

The trick that you’re going to use is to use the soundtrack and the clips to convey a sense of pacing. In other words, you’ll want to ‘show’ the excitement of the scenes through a combination of the music that is playing along with the speed at which the scenes are transitioning to as well.

So the first thing you need to do to create a video like that is to plan it out. Take careful stock of your footage, cut out the unnecessary bits, and with what’s left plan out your video. Be sure to pay close attention to the ‘action’ sequences since those are the ones you’ll want to focus your pacing on so that they reflect what was going on properly.

After that, you should choose a soundtrack that fits. Ideally it should be something upbeat and fast paced since you want to convey excitement – but apart from that you can choose what you feel is best.

When you’re combining your video segments you may want to accelerate the pace of certain parts so that it looks more thrilling. Try to coincide these parts with a particularly upbeat part of your soundtrack if possible.

Be sure to play around with transition effects too, and keep tweaking it until you’re satisfied. It may take time, but the end result will be worth it.