Practical Tips On Choosing A Discount Car Rental


A stress-free travel plan is something that’s never going to happen. Things will never really go the way you’ve planned them in your head when you are in a foreign country. However, you do want to enjoy your trip as much as possible. One way to do that is to plan ahead and choose the best Discount Car Rental.

Tally your rental car needs. Your first thought when you look for your Sydney car hire might be to look for the flashiest luxury car out in the market. Everyone’s bragging about how it’s always sunny in Sydney, so you might think, hey, a convertible sounds like a really great idea! However, while it is mostly sunny in Australia, there are days when it rains. Being close to the equator, it’s really quite hard to determine what kind of weather there will be on the day you arrive. For this reason, a convertible might not be the best idea for a discount car rental. Not to worry as there are plenty of option.

First, you need to determine how many seats you will need and how much cargo space you really need. It will also be good to figure out what type of activities you will be doing during your stay. If you will be trekking mountains or traveling with a big group, an SUV might be the right vehicle for you. However, if you are traveling alone and you will be doing mostly city driving, a mid-sized car or a compact car might be the most suitable choice. There are also “green cars” available for those who want a more fuel efficient and earth-friendly ride.

Bigger is not always the best choice. A bigger discount car rental might sound like the best choice for you if you are traveling to Sydney and you don’t have clear cut plans yet. However, you must also consider the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Spending too much gas is too wasteful if you are traveling alone and you have very little cargo to begin with.

A word on the sizing of your discount rental car: always ask your car rental company what sizing standards they are following. American car sizing standards tend to run one or two sizes bigger than European sizing standards. This may be due to the fact that small roads are an issue in Europe. In Sydney, the roads are fairly big, and if you are planning a night or two at the Outback, you may need to rent a car with more power.

Always ask about transmission. You might be able to drive a manual transmission back home, but if you are not familiar with the right hand side drive, you may need to ask for an automatic transmission for your discount car rental. This will allow you more time to focus on keeping to the left side of the traffic, and remembering all the new Australian traffic rules. Also remember that you will probably get lost as you explore Sydney if you are new to the city so an automatic transmission will take some load off of your shoulders.

Discount Car Rental is a business that knows the value of your time. If you are in a hurry, call us and we will send our express pick up service for you.