Sales Motivation Meetings – The Key to Reaching Those Sales Targets


If you run a commission-only sales team, you will already know how important ongoing motivation is, and the weekly meeting on Monday morning will set your team up for the challenges that lay ahead. Meeting with your team is all about projecting an image of success, so forget about hiring a room for the day, and besides, it won’t cost much to use the services of a top-notch hotel in Halifax.

  • Outselling your Team – Leading by example brings the most effective results, so you should be outselling your team if you want them to sit up and take notice. Organise your weekly meeting in a top hotel, and don’t be afraid to splash out a little, as it will pay long-term dividends.
  • Honing the Close – If your business demands top closing, this is where you need to focus your attention, and by making a presentation every week on common customer objections, you can help the team to overcome obstacles and improve their conversion rate.
  • Offer Cash Prizes – Calculate how much you are prepared to lose from your override commission and start offering cash incentives if specific targets are reached.
  • The Importance of Regular Sales Meetings – Commission only is a tough environment that demands ongoing motivation, and by cutting a deal with a local hotel, you can have suitable space to carry out your training and motivation.

Lots of training and praise when it is due should be enough to keep your sales force hungry, and with a regular meet up at a nice venue, the scene will be set for a successful future.