The Best 5 Restaurants in Nigeria


When it comes to food, Nigeria has a lot to offer. Here, restaurants usually serve authentic dishes like the Pounded Yam, Garri, Egusi Soap, Jollof Rice, Efo Riro and many other delicious plates as well as continental dishes. Expect anything and don’t be surprised if you taste some unexplored, new tastes in Nigerian restaurants.

5 Top Nigerian Restaurants

Here, we gathered the best restaurants which most tourists, especially those coming with Travelstart, adore in Nigeria:


This is a contemporary restaurant and bar with a view of a gorgeous swimming pool. Here, they offer delicious Lebanese food as well as a variety of local dishes. You have to try their thick crust pizza as well as amala.

2- Tinapa Lakeside Hotel

Tinapa is a special hotel restaurant in Nigeria serving Nigerian and European dishes especially seafood. Actually, it is one of our favorites for breakfast or a leisurely lunch.

3- Cilantro Restaurant and Lounge

Whether you prefer outdoor and indoor dining, the Cilantro Restaurant and Lounge is the best. Here, you can choose among a big list of delicious Indian and Chinese cuisines. They also serve special food for vegetarians.

4- BluCabana Restaurant and Café

If you are one of those who adore Lebanese or Middle Eastern dishes, then you must eat at the BluCabana in Abuja. These offer shawarma, burgers and a variety of finger foods as well as some vegetarian options like hummus and tabbouleh.

5- Café Chrysalis

Café Chrysalis is not just a restaurant offering delicious food, but also an incredible place to eat. in. You would even enjoy the look of their elegant dishes that include African cuisine as well as some tasty continental dishes.

You have to try their delicious smoothies. It’s unbelievable.