The Two Ways To Get To Key Largoaz


Key Largo is as much about fishing as it is about old-fashioned mystery, where anything can happen. If you’re going there for some fishing, you’ll want to arrive as quickly as possible. But if you’re up for some adventure and discovery, there’s a second way to get to Key Largo.

How to get to Key Largo fast, for anglers.

Before we tell you about the kooky, mysterious way to get to Key Largo, let’s cover the traditional way first. It’s the fast way, and if you’re going there for a fishing trip or two this will be your route.

Key Largo fishing expeditions leave from marinas on the ocean or bay side, depending on which type of fishing you’ve booked (flats, offshore, reef). Therefore, you’ll want to take U.S.1 It’s faster and busier and you’ll catch it in Florida City, which is south of Miami. Florida City is the last town on the mainland, and after it there’s just islands…the Keys.

How to get to Key Largo the interesting way.

If you’re not in a rush (and who would be, it’s the Keys), then do something different when you get to Florida City. Instead of following the signs for U.S.1 as you leave the mainland, hook a left onto Card Sound Road. It’ll get you there too, just a little slower.

Your reward? A road lined with mangroves on either side and a noticeable lack of tailgaters (well maybe…you are just outside of Miami after all). What else? Some remaining fishing shacks, wonderful little creeks you can look down onto and imagine them brimming with fish. A beautiful bridge (Card Sound Bridge), and the Crocodile Lake National Wildlife Refuge.

You may not see a crocodile without posting up and laying still in the blistering heat and humidity for hours, but you will see some of the last remaining wilderness in the Florida Keys. And even if you just came for some of that famous Key Largo fishing, you’ll appreciate the natural surroundings of a habitat that brought you that delightful fishing environment you came so far to experience.

Fishermen: here’s what not to miss on Card Sound Road and beyond.

If you’re really up for something different, why not rent a motorcycle and rumble down Card Sound Road? You’ll see more, feel more, and get an all-around “Keys” experience to round out the days of fishing you have planned for yourself.

Once you’re in Key Largo, fishing may not be enough for you (yes, hard to imagine). Check out nearby Islamorada where you’ll find the World Wide Sportsman. Shop for fishing gear, clothing, shoes or whatever else strikes your fancy. Your family will love it for its beautiful displays and gorgeous building but you’ll love it because it’s all about fishing.

Islamorada is also famous for its fishing, especially flats fishing, so you’ll perhaps want to give it a try. Book flats, offshore, or party boat trips at the marina or ask at the World Wide Sportsman. Light tackle guides are everywhere in this town, just like in Key Largo.