Top 5 Colombian Beaches


It is not fair to only pick 5 of the best beaches in this Colombia which has become in the past decade one of the most visited countries in South America, not only because of its rich history but for it’s incredible nature, landscapes and people.

Colombia has beaches in two oceans, the pacific, which is isolated and with strong waves and winds, and the atlantic, full of amazing blue waters and white sand.

So, let’s start with our top 5 beaches in Colombia:

Isla Múcura

Almost two hours away by boat from the noisy and touristy city of Cartagena, you can find this wonderful island, part of a national park.

Isla Múcura is located in the Caribbean and surrounded by other beautiful islands, there you can enjoy amazing activities such as snorkeling and diving, and also try amazing Colombian food, (do not miss “arroz con coco” coconut rice).

If you are lucky, some days depending on the moon and the water you will be able to swim with amazing bio luminescent plankton, and experience the most incredible natural light show you’ve ever seen. You will see and swim probably with Manta rays, turtles and dolphins that stay in the warm blue waters of the Colombian sea most of the year.


One of the most wonderful places in the Caribbean, Providencia is part of San Andrés state in Colombia, around two hours away by plane from Bogotá you arrive in the beautiful capital, best known for its seven colors sea, and it’s traditional reggae culture, Providencia it’s a paradise for explorers, full of isolated and beautiful beaches, you’ll want to stay there forever.

From climbing to swimming, the island has amazing experiences to offer, do not miss Crab Cay which has the most crystal clear waters and an amazing view that are going to leave you breathless.

Tayrona National Park

Tayrona is part of a national natural park in Colombia, located in Magdalena state, close to its capital, Santa Marta, the Tayrona park and it’s beaches are simply magic, full of ancient stories and the most amazing biodiversity.

The temperature is about 27 to 35 centigrade most of the year, and the park has swimming areas and other beaches were it is prohibited because of the strong waves and the currents.

In Tayrona park you can choose between luxury resorts, or camping, both are incredible experiences for different people. You’ll be able to interact and have fun with people from all over the world and to be in one of the most amazing places in South America.


This beach is located in Guajira state, in the north of Colombia, very close to Santa Marta and Rioacha, you can take a bus from both capitals to arrive there. Palomino is a less frequently visited beach destination, but it has an amazing landscape that that makes the trip worth while. This part of Colombia is a completely empty paradise with just a few hostels and a local indigenous tribe, it’s just one of those gems that you must discover, take a walk under the beautiful palm trees, and enjoy the peace of this beautiful place.

Bahia Solano

In the Colombian pacific ocean, where the jungle and the ocean meet alongside grey-sand beaches, you can find Bahia Solano, in the Chocó state. You can get there by taking a plane From Medellín, the second most important city in Colombia.

Bahia Solano has an amazing mix of african and latin people, if you want to visit the pacific in Colombia you will need some patience and open mind since, sometimes it is tricky to go from one place to another because of its wild landscapes, and also because Chocó is the poorest state in Colombia.

Bahia Solano it’s a paradise where you can see whales and dolphins mostly in October and November, you will also find amazing trails to do in the place and the most amazing and typical food in the region.