Twelve Things To Do In Derbyshire


Derbyshire is truly an entrancing part of the rural UK, filled with sweeping valleys, furtive green foliage and rolling landscapes. Derbyshire exudes a very rustic quality, and a unique, picturesque beauty, as well. It is the perfect antidote to the desensitising ways of city life, reacquainting you with the bounty of nature, culture and inner peace. Although this area if highly esteemed for its beauty, it is also a prime destination for a number of fun and enjoyable activities.

1 – Live the Cottage Life in Derbyshire

Derbyshire is generously sprinkled with numerous cottages. Have you ever fantasized about basking in the stillness of a gorgeous valley, filled with peaceful villages, lovely scenery and total serenity? If you travel to Derbyshire, you can enjoy one of the elegant cottages, which are distinguished by their pristine architecture. The cosy ambience of these cottages is perfect for familial settings, along with a genuine, unaffected experience that stays with you for a lifetime. There are many cottages to choose from, as well.

2 – Visit Chatsworth in Derbyshire

Many Derbyshire visitors travel to Chatsworth in search of adventure. The Chatsworth cottage is one of the primary attractions in this area. This cottage is occupied by the Dutch and Duchess of Devonshire, and you have the exclusive opportunity to tour it. Ever since the 1550s, this family has resided in this home, instilling their unique sense of family inspiration and artistry over a series of generations.

This home is simply superb, comprising over 30 rooms. It is a true gem that the every-day tourists and sightseers should visit. This home contains a number of widely esteemed European art collections, from several different eras. In addition, this cottage holds many important events every year.

3 – Bolsover Castle in Derbyshire

Bolsover Castle is truly an unparalleled beauty in the world of architecture. If you are visiting or staying in Derbyshire, you should explore this wondrous, man-made masterpiece. Its historic grandeur alone has captivated countless viewers and tourists. This mansion was clearly inspired by fairy tales, as it infuses it audience with a surreal feeling of grandeur. This mansion also gives tourists an interactive experience, allowing them to participate in the dated practice of chivalry.

4 – Haddon Hall

Haddon Hall, another Derbyshire luxury, is teeming with historical significance. Haddon Hall is a genuine Medieval and Tudor manor, fit for the likes of royalty. Its architecture alone conjures images of valiant knights. Its Elizabethan inspiration is unmistakable, and its outer walls are adorned with a facade of gorgeous roses. To modernise this experience, the manor offers visitors a wonderful gift shop. This particular attraction is perfect for anyone who is visiting Derbyshire. If you happen to be staying in one of the nearby cottages, then you will have easy access to this architectural wonder.

5 – Tatton Park in Derbyshire

In terms of England’s estates, Tatton Park has a profound degree of historical significance. This Georgian beauty contains many historical artefacts, treasures and archaic furniture, offering a subtle glimpse into the medieval era. For nature lovers, this tourist attraction comprises countless acres of parkland. To some, this may seem like the heart of England’s natural beauty. If you are staying in Derbyshire during your travels, you should consider visiting this site.

6 – The Music Festivals

Derbyshire happens to host a number of festivals, including those that entertain jazz, folk music and blues as well. You can experience a fusion of musical culture while overlooking the vast scenery of England. Jazz and blues, which originated in the United States, have found their way to the countryside of England, catering to a more diverse and cultured experience.

7 – Heath House

What is the perfect Derbyshire getaway? Undoubtedly, the beauty and scenery if this area is unmatched, highlighting a realm of beauty you never thought possible. Heath House is one of the many indescribable gems that make Derbyshire so special. This formidable, statuesque piece of architecture is truly a sight to behold.

Many people get married in this majestic house, which is encircled by stone lodges, an octagonal viewing tower and much more. So, why not hold your next wedding in this spectacular piece of architecture, and follow your wedding with a luxurious and romantic stay in a nearby Derbyshire cottage? This place is replete with memorable experiences for nature lovers, and quasi-historians who appreciate such archaic relics.

8 – Derby CAMRA Beer Festival

Derbyshire happens to host an annual beer festival. Do you think of yourself as a beer connoisseur? Do you appreciate the aged taste and flavour of a quality ale? If so, transform your love for beer into a memorable and exciting event. With grand cottages, historical manors and sprawling countryside nearby, you will have the beer festival of a lifetime. Staying in a local cottage will make it easier for you to access important events such as this.

9 – Equestrian and Falconry

Many places in Derbyshire can transport you to an entirely different era. There is a mystique associated with the medieval times, and the routines of King Arthur are often a subject of great curiosity. Luckily, there are equestrian and falconry events that allow you to re-experience the world of King Arthur, along with the sports of his era. Feel like a knight in shining armour and engage in these age old sports for leisure and fun.

10 – Sightsee

Why focus on a single territory when you can sightsee all major attractions in Derbyshire? As you venture throughout this beautiful part of England, you can feast your eyes on many manors, cottages, parks, valleys and more.

11 – Medieval Knights Battle in Bolsover Castle

Experience the potency and power of a knight’s battle, by watching a re-enactment of a medieval fight in Bolsover Castle. You have the exquisite opportunity to view this spectacular sight in a real castle.

12 – The Peak District Fringes

This part of Derbyshire gives you exclusive access to the inland sea, along with many water sport opportunities, such as sailing. Hence, there is something in Derbyshire for water lovers too.


What is the best way to go about visiting all of these wonderful attractions? How do you truly immerse yourself in the bounty of Derbyshire’s sprawling nature? To truly capitalise on this adventure, you should stay in a Derbyshire country cottage, to fully actualise your experience.