Why boat charter Croatia is a great idea this season

boat charter Croatia

The summer holidays are getting closer, and the time left to decide where to spend them is ticking away. If you still haven’t decided where to sail this season, the Adriatic Coast appears to be the perfect choice for any sailor. Imagining over 1000 Croatian islands and doubling the number of magnificent coastal spots that you could visit – should be enough for making the final decision.

Boat charter Croatia for exploring as much as you can in a two-week vacation is a proven way by experienced sailors – the boat can take you to unimaginable places you will dream of long after arriving home.

Where to start the sailing from A few tips for the perfect vacation

While you already chose the dates and managed the technical part of chartering a boat – here comes the fun part: determining where to start your sailing from?

Choosing a star attraction –overcrowded by tourists from all over the world is a great intro to all the other spots you’re about to see and enjoy in wonderful Croatia.

Choosing Rovinj as a starting port is always a good decision. One of the few left real Mediterranean fishing ports, the crystal waters surrounded by green hills – the ones that make a perfect climate, cobbled street, and amazing piazzas: what else could you wish for?

Turns out, once you are in Rovinj on a boat, the experience can become truly unforgettable. While the beauty of the city itself can be just enough for a relaxing holiday: boating around the archipelago made of 14 islands is something a sailor wouldn’t miss.

Sailing in this Northern part of Croatia – or the Istria region, if you prefer – can be both exciting and time-consuming.

Narrowing down the must-see in this region is a practical thing to do, of course: after spending a few splendid days and nights in Rovinj itself. Don’t forget to catch some sun on the most beautiful pebbly beach south of the Old Town of Rovinj – the beach of Lone bay, made for pure relaxation and a total cleansing from the every day worries.

Out of the 14 islands to choose from, the highly recommended ones for a pleasurable afternoon away would be the Red Island (Crveni Otok in Croatian) as well as Sveta Katarina – both of them reachable by the very own boat of yours – not more than an hour of enjoyable sailing.

The next wonderful stop you should consider once you are settled in the Rovinj area – is the National park of Brijuni and the small island right north of it – called Otok Mali Brijuni (small Brijun island). Just stop here for a day and enjoy the forgotten true appeal of nature: the untouched Mediterranean flora, cleanest air – all surrounded by dreamily clear seawater. Seems like a perfect getaway, right?

Once you got enough of this elite Istrian spot – you can freely let your imagination take you anywhere you want. In the end – the mere freedom of sailing on your boat is a freeing experience, and just a few looks around can add plenty of inspiration for things to see. Just sail away and let the Croatian magic add some unforgettable charms to your best vacation ever. Bon, voyage!