Top Travel Insurance Faqs For Past And Present Cancer Patients


Everyone from all walks of life deserves a holiday – and this could not be truer than those who have or are currently suffering from cancer. A holiday can offer much-needed reprieve after a round of chemotherapy treatments, provide patients with the time away to come to terms with his or her illness, or be a way to celebrate your cancer being in remission.

Travel insurance for cancer patients does not need to be difficult though it will require a bit more time and a few more pieces of information to successfully obtain. Below is a list of the most common FAQs current cancer patients and those in remission have:

I’ve heard It’s Difficult to Find Coverage – Is This True?

While it is true that travel insurance companies are more reluctant to cover cancer patients (or anyone with any pre-existing medical condition), this does not mean that you will not be able to obtain coverage. A travel insurance agency may offer one of two policies:

  1. Some insurance agencies will insure your trip, but they will not insure any claims that you may make that will be related to cancer. This means that if you seek treatment for cancer while travelling abroad or if you must cancel the trip due to a cancer-related issue, you would not be covered.
  2. Many insurance agencies will offer a range of comprehensive cancer travel insurance policies.

Will I Pay More for My Coverage?

Yes. Travel insurance that covers individuals who have or have had a cancer diagnosis should expect to pay a higher premium. This is because the travel insurance company will consider you to be a higher risk than someone who does not have a pre-existing condition. Also, if you are travelling to the United States, you can expect your travel insurance to cost more than if you were travel within Europe.

What Information Will They Need to Know?

There will be a few pieces of information your travel insurance agent will need to know prior to approving your travel insurance policy. This includes:

  • The stage of your illness
  • The grade of your illness
  • Your prognosis
  • A letter from your doctor deeming you as being fit to travel

My Cancer Is In Remission. Must I Still Disclose That I Have Had Cancer?

If you have even been diagnosed with cancer in the past, this information must be disclosed to the travel agency even if you are remission. Travel insurance for cancer patients in remission will be more difficult to obtainthan regular travel insurance, even if you have a clean bill of health. Make sure that when you shop around for travel insurance that you have a letter from your doctor stating that you no longer are suffering from the disease and that you are healthy enough to travel.

Will I Need to Bring Documentation Detailing My Cancer Diagnosis?

It is always a good idea for those who have cancer or who are in remission to carry documents detailing your diagnosis, your treatment, and any medication, which you currently have. Be sure to also include the contact details of your doctor.